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Unscientific Beast Taming

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Shi Yu woke up one day in a world built on the foundation of Beast Taming, where powerful monsters roam and great societies formed around the Beast Tamers who tame them. After concluding that he’d been reincarnated because he ...

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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine

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She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment

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The fat and ugly Nora Smith is the laughingstock of the town when her fiancé breaks off their engagement. He says, “The sight of your gigantic face and thunder thighs disgusts me! Don’t ever pester me again!” “What an ...

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Complete Martial Arts Attributes

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The dimensional rifts link the earth to the Xingwu continent. This is the dawn of the martial arts era! I will be useless if I don’t practice martial arts? Don’t worry, I have a system that allows me ...

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I Just Want To Slack Off In Cultivation

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[I have led a cautious life, but the system keeps trying to do me in] “Ding Dong!” “Welcome to the Smart Cultivation System!” “You have chosen to cultivate the Bone Forging Art. The system will start cultivating for you. The ...

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Black Iron’s Glory

4.6k Visitor

Description Welcome to Freia. A continent where evil magi ruled. Until firearms came, that is. Now the people live free of those demons… More, however, must lurk beneath the surface. Claude, a transmigrator from another world, finds himself in the ...

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Erotic Fiction Hot Week

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The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Boxnovel

Tobacco Powder,末烟

Description She is an international ace agent,An amazing doctor, God of Assassination, However due to a box she accidentally rebirthed and became an ordinary junior high school student. Weak and incompetent, That scum woman wants to put her head ...

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Lord Of The Mysteries

Cuttlefish That Loves Diving,爱潜水的乌贼

Description In the waves of steam and machinery, who could achieve extraordinary? In the fogs of history and darkness, who was whispering? I woke up from the realm of mysteries and opened my eyes to the world. Firearms, cannons, battleships, ...

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28 Year Old Bisexual Stepfather


18: Gay Stepson loves his Stepfather's Cock. 4.49 18: Two Greek asses in hand are better than one in the bush. 4.52 18: Dustin enjoys his wife and stepson, Margaret finds out. 4.45 18: Dustin reunites with the sisters and meets a bisexual couple. 4.55 18: Margaret has group ...

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