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Almighty Daughter Runs The World

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A prominent tech mogul from another world, Ye Zhuo, was reborn as the fake daughter of a wealthy family. In the past, the fake dog in the manger was loathed by everyone in her social circle and was notorious for ...

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The Yun Family’s Ninth Child Is An Imp!

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Yun Jiu was an ace special agent, but after escaping from her organization, she ended up transmigrating into the body of a girl called Yun Chujiu. And she was… the weirdest girl in Ye City… Useless, ugly, trash who can’...

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Shura’s Wrath

6.9k Visitor

Description The mysterious boy Ling Chen is saved by a little girl as he lay on the street dying. Years later, he strikes a deal to save this savior-turned sister and enters the virtual world. In a future Earth where ...

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The Eternal Supreme

159.6k Visitor

One of the Conferred Martial Emperors, Gu Feiyang, passed away in the Tiandang Mountains and was reincarnated 15 years later as Li Yunxiao of the State of Tianshui, embarking on a heaven-defying journey against the innumerable geniuses of the time. The ...

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Devil's Son-in-Law

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Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing

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In her seven years of marriage, she and her husband click perfectly well, sharing a loving and sweet relationship. However, in the end, all of this was just a mirage. She had given up everything for the sake of her ...

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Save Me


18: A young man's quest for love. 4.70

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My Last Day Without You


16: A hockey player and another man begin a one day romance. 4.48 16: A hockey player and another man begin a one day romance. 4.63

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Abs Days


19: My first time was at a gloryhole. 4.62 19: My experiences become more interesting. 4.62 19: The wife discovers my secret. 4.77 19: My wife adventures out again. 4.67

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