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Magic Land: I Make It Big As A Gourmet Food Supplier!

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#prodigy Linky transmigrated to the Magical Land and became the third young master of a noble family. Just when he thought it was time for him to enjoy a life of luxury. He was sent out for the family’s ...

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They were meant to be together

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After being betrayed by her own sister and lover she did not know what she should do now. She thought that her life was useless and wanted to end it. Little did she know that God had better plans for ...

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Hidden Marriage

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After five years, Ning Xi has returned and is out to take revenge on the sister who turned her parents against her and the childhood sweetheart who betrayed her for her sister. She aims to fulfill her childhood dream and ...

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Grasping Evil

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Master said, the woman I held in my hands, I must protect for the rest of my life. Master said, it’s hard to cultivate as a Demon, and once you enter the Demon Dao, you should never look back. ...

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Soul Land

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Tang San spent his life in the Tang Outer Sect, dedicated to the creation and mastery of hidden weapons. Once he stole the secret lore of the Inner Sect to reach the pinnacle of his art, his only way out ...

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Returning After 10000 Years Cultivation

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