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Am I A God?

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Description “Let go of that kitty cat!” A shooting star whizzed across the sky, causing countless of super powers to appear on Earth. However, the main characters that awaken during this phenomenon aren’t humans, but cats… During this event, ...

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Deity Hero: Me! Gaining Disciples Makes Me Stronger!

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“Xuan Yi was transported into the fictional world and became an elder of the Black Sword Sect! The moment he entered the world, he was at the Sea-Splitting Rank! He awakened his disciple accepting system. The more absurdly powerful his ...

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The Eternal Supreme

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One of the Conferred Martial Emperors, Gu Feiyang, passed away in the Tiandang Mountains and was reincarnated 15 years later as Li Yunxiao of the State of Tianshui, embarking on a heaven-defying journey against the innumerable geniuses of the time. The ...

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Transmigrating To The 80s To Become Stepmom To Five Bigwigs

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Transmigrating to the 80s to Become Stepmom to Five Bigwigs Mu Jingzhe transmigrates into a book filled with sweet, doting love to become the useless supporting character who serves as a foil to the female lead. She also becomes the ...

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She Was Born Into A Wealthy Family

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She was a combination of a high iq scholar and a black-bellied prince charming. She was a one-on-one, two-on-one, two-on-one, absolutely refreshing, and she was welcome to jump into the pit. She was a young and famous physicist from a ...

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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

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Erotic Fiction Hot Week

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The Surgeon's Studio

Black Ursa Prime

Description “Primum non nocere.” First, do no harm. – Hippocrates Zheng Ren—an ordinary general surgeon in a cruel medical world whose efforts went unnoticed. His struggles are real…until he is blessed with a system and gifted with skills that ...

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Worlds’ Apocalypse Online


Description The end of all worlds approaches. The Demon King Order harvests lives from all manners of living beings. Within this darkness full of despair, A single person escaped from space-time, returned to before the world collapsed, determined to change ...

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3 Little Pigs


18: A 'modernized & kinky' retelling of a classic fable. 4.41 18: Part 2 of a 'modern kinky' fable. 4.30 18: A 'modern kinky' fable part 3. 4.32

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