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Cobra Crew

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Categories Erotic Fiction
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12: The abduction of two policewomen was just the beginning... 4.30 12: The crew makes a deal at the expense of their captives. 4.41 12: Criminals take advantage of travel time with their hostages. 4.40 12: A new victim falls into the hands of the Cobra Crew. 4.48 12: Escobar gets his revenge and the crew get the lieutenant. 4.48 12: Last round of fun with the hostages before the exit. 4.41 15: The Crew's home invasion is interrupted by unexpected news. 4.37 15: Forced back in action, the Crew targets a familiar cop. 4.84 15: State Police troopers are ambushed and savored by the Crew. 4.54 15: Crew breaches Police HQ, but fun with hostages continue... 4.76 15: What happens when the hunters become the hunted? 4.75
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