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Loli Manko

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On the verge of getting to the ‘Radiance of Youth’, Hayato Kinnai was transported to a ‘Different World’.

Before his eyes, there was a tender ‘Snow White Princess’ which was like a Goddess, who taught Hayato about the world……the next morning, the ‘Snow White Princess’ was kidnapped by a ‘Woman Demon King, who was in the high position of command in this different world.

Hayato made up his mind to save the princess. Obtained a magic book from the God which descended from the sky, he made full use of the magic to ‘Copy The Ability of the Partner whom you have sexual intrercourse with’ and his ‘Big Penis’ , and then he went to the Demon King’s Capital―

……Incidentally, all the women’s vaginas of this ‘Different World’ are ‘Little Girl P*ssy’.

……And also in this connection, an average male’s pen*s in this ‘Different World’ is five to six centimeters.

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