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Sl**ty Chivalrous Woman

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Categories Adventure Martial Arts Mature Erotic Fiction Smut
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Release Year 2019
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A young lady full of grudges, who lost her parents since birth, was taken in by the Daoist that her mother had entrusted her to. Not only did she become a chivalrous woman of the Wulin, she was also extremely beautiful. Her shifu had prophesied that she would have a disaster of lust and the chance for a love misfortune, however, he couldn’t help but let her out of the mountains to take revenge. After she left the mountains, she coincidentally stayed at the home of a slut. After seeing the improper acts between a man and a woman, she was unable to douse her flames of lust, resulting in her getting seduced by this sl*t and losing her virginity. From then on, she begun her slutty journey of vengeance…

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