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Strategist Witch Shizuku

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Categories Fantasy
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Release Year 2019
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Nomination Strategist Witch Shizuku
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Shizuku yearned for change. She wanted a change to her stiflingly depressing days. —Thus, she decided to dye herself red. As the girl wished, her desire for change happened as if on cue. Red, red, nothing but red. The madness of red.

A girl transported to a world engulfed by war, Hasegawa Shizuku. She was fortunate enough to be able to reveal her true nature, which she had to stiflingly conceal in Japan.

A history-loving high-school girl goes to war in her trip to another world. She tries to make use of her knowledge of history, but it doesn’t turn out so well… Fraud, assassinations, corruption, backroom dealings, treachery, etcetera, working behind the scenes, she quietly plays her hand. Such is the story of a girl out of the ordinary.

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