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Xianxia’s Working Emperor

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Categories Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xianxia Mature Comedy
Status Complete
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Release Year 2019
Keywords Farming Hard-Working Protagonist Male Protagonist Romantic Subplot Transmigration Transported to Another World 0
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Nomination Xianxia’s Working Emperor
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In the Xianxia world, growing a field, making an opening in a mountain, creating a city, establishing a country, all are different.

Who? XX Emperor invited me to be his Chamberlain, don’t have time, My numerous types of spirit plants will fetch a costly price.

What? A Celestial Goddess invited me to manage her garden, is she beautiful? Possible to negotiate!

Shopkeeper, this money I’ll give a split, You can have one portion while I’ll take the other nine, not satisfied? Alright then I will find someone else, go handle it yourself.

All these cultivators, too vexing, want me to manage this and that, I, your father am really busy! Believe it or not I will definitely fire you guys.

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