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Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

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Doomsday Online has descended, reducing the entire Earth to a ruined playground. It is occupied by countless terrifying monsters.
Link awakens the one and only SSS-grade talent, Supreme Blessing, which can increase the quality of any equipment, skill, or item, at a rate of 10-10,000.
Skeleton Longsword (Iron-grade), blessing successful, upgraded to Epic-grade weapon—Divine Sword Red Sky!
Death Charge (Silver-grade), blessing successful, upgraded to the Legend-grade skill—Holy Charge!
Void Summoner (Epic-grade), blessing successful, upgraded to the Taboo-grade profession—Great Void Taboo Master!
In this lifetime, he shall rule over the world when awake, and be with beauties when asleep.
Link wants to be king in this doomsday!

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