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E Mei

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Master is a sage-like character, but is an out and out veteran rogue inside.

First Senior Brother has the external appearance of an adorable leprechaun, but has an extremely crass and violent personality.

Second Senior Brother seems to be cultured and refined, but it can’t cover up his flirtiness and craftiness.

Third Senior Sister is seductive, enchanting to the extreme, yet is actually a crude tomboy who uses brute force.

Fourth Senior Brother is shockingly handsome to others, but in private, he is a proud, battle-crazy glutton with a poisonous tongue.

The Zhu Zhu who looks very homely and unrefined was forced to live life among this group of beautiful people; it could be said the pressure was huge.

Could it be that the heavens are doing this to project her beautiful heart?!

Fortunately, not only did she have a divine pig for protection, she even knows a supreme skill —— how to disguise as a pig who can devour tigers!

Alyschu Note: The zhu in Zhu Zhu and pig sound the same in Chinese! Same with the title and author!

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