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Tyrant’s First Class Virtuous Imperial Concubine

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Categories Action Adventure Romance Tragedy Historical Fiction Josei Shoujo Drama Psychological
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Nomination Tyrant’s First Class Virtuous Imperial Concubine
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In the midst of darkness, the city was seized by enemies under the blanket of the night. She was on the verge of becoming the sovereign king’s imperial concubine, however, he was soon to bring about blood and slaughter. 

He is ruthless, murderous, yet gentle and a reserved tyrant.

She is weak, helpless, but a lonely woman with a strong heart.

She wants nothing but to escape, yet somehow… she’s deeply attracted to him. He’s cold-hearted, but she provoked tenderness in him. He dares not believe in these gentle feelings. Jiang Shan is like a game and the world is like a chess. 

In front of him, can she walk away?

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