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Livestream: The Adjudicator Of Death

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Jack transmigrated to a parallel world and locked on to a Judge System that provided rewards for punishing evil.
Hence, an Adjudicator of Death who stood above the law was hence born.
A livestream channel named Deathstream Channel hence appeared in various major livestream platforms, with a judge’s pen and a Death Notice sent to every criminal.
[Name: Mogul] [Gender:Male:] [Age:45] [Job: CEO of Mogul Group] [Crime: Brutal killing of children] [Punishment:Decapitation]
[Name:Natalie ] [Gender:Female ] [Age:33 ] [Job:Vagrant] [Crime:Abduction of women, forcing them into the prostitution of death] [Punishment:removal of limbs and reproductive organs, bleeding to death]
[Name: Watton] [Gender:Male] [Age:47] [Job:Mob boss] [Crime:Gang fights, slaughtering civilians ] [Punishment: Death by a thousand cuts and skinning]
All who received Death Notices were sent to the Deathstream Channel without exception, for death awaits while everyone in the world would watch as they were punished!
No matter where you are or how noble a position you possess, a baptism of blood and fire awaits you once you receive the Death Notices.
It is the prelude of death. Sinners—come receive your time of death!

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