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The Antelope and Night Wolf

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LingYang spent 500RMB to buy a ladyboy account, and it came with a husband?

Just after logging into the game he was informed that the account was in debt, and he had no choice but to sell himself and act as a couple with his ‘husband’.

LingYang: I only bought an account, why must you force a husband on me?

YeLang: You can also choose not to take the husband but the debt instead.

LingYang: Dear, can I not have the free gift?

YeLang: Sorry, it’s a bundle, no returns allowed.

At first glance, it’s a story about how a little antelope accidentally entered the embrace of a big-tailed wolf after escaping from a tiger’s den.

But it’s actually an inspirational story about how an innocent straight man was actively turned gay by a little bottom with a boots fetish, then went through a series of complex mentality changes, finally becoming a cold-blooded, black-bellied S top!

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