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The Reluctant Bride Book II

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Categories Romance Josei Drama
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Release Year 2019
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Nomination The Reluctant Bride Book II
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Female Lead – Qiao Tan Yuan (QTY)

Male Lead – Gu Jiao Wu (GJW)

QTY secretly paid GJW’s ex-girlfriend to leave GJW. GJW’s family and QTY’s family are close, and arranged GJW to marry QTY.

During GJW and QTY’s marriage they have a baby after GJW’s drugged by an enemy. QTY lies to GJW she aborted their baby, and agrees to divorce him.

After a series of events, GJW and QTY are trapped together in an elevator, and GJW unknowingly helps QTY give birth to their baby. GJW demands a DNA test and finds out the truth.

GJW and QTY make a compromise, and agrees to live together to raise their baby. They bond as a family. At first GJW wants to remarry QTY for the sake of their baby, but GJW slowly falls in love with QTY.

Note: The Reluctant Bride Book I & Book II are independent stories of each other.

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